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Re: Who is Recommended and Why

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:53 pm
by Traderathome
TradersWay is a Recommended Broker

USA Clients Welcome
Residents of the USA are totally screwed by “powers” behind the rigged currency market. They cannot hedge and must exit trades in a “first in, first out” (FIFO) manner, and they have access to only very low leverage (use of other people's money). These restrictions are intended to severely limit traders in coping with the choppy market the Market Makers fabricate to deceive and thieve. These “powers” are the USA Robber Banks and their lap dog "false regulators". They have far reaching hands, and so all over the world USA residents are refused by brokers that allow hedging, do not impose FIFO, and provide access to high leverage. But Tradersway has chosen to be different. TradersWay provides a fairer playing field for all retail traders. This is very important for all of us, not just USA residents, because soon these "powers" with far reaching hands are going to accomplish the same restrictions on European traders: access to only low margin, enforcing FIFO and not allowing hedging.

Accurate Charting
In 2015 brokers were on the hunt to increase liquidity providers they had access to. When we checked several, we found that only TradersWay had accurate charting! The others all had charting errors that resulted in the bid/ask price on charts not being the same bid/ask price you were allowed to submit an order at! And none of the other brokers would commit to a definite time by which they would correct this error. In fact, they down talked it as though no one should even be bothered by it! We have not bothered to check again with these brokers. We feel there is no need to due to their complete unconcern for what concerned us.
Update: One of these brokers is FXCM, who was eventually driven out of the USA due to various "crooked" dealings!

ECN Account
This type of account provides better market trading conditions thru direct access to the interbank market. Spreads are low. Commissions are reasonable.

FIFO not Enforced, Hedging is Allowed & Access to Very High Leverage
As mentioned above, your account will enable you to hedge and to manage the closings of your positions in whatever order results in the most profits or the least losses. And you have access to up to 1000:1 leverage.These are three HUGE benefits...the most important benefits of all for traders!...which are not available to US residents trading with USA/Canada brokers! And maybe soon no longer available to European traders using brokers subject to European regulatory agencies.

Money Transfers
A variety of ways to transfer money are provided, including the safest of wire transfers. Their $150 minimum fee for withdrawals by wire seems high, but if withdrawals are made less frequently and in large amounts (be a successful trader) it becomes reasonable. Their is no fee for deposits by wire.

Minimal Slippage and Very Infrequent
There are times when the market is extremely volatile with prices changing rapidly and significantly. Prices are controlled by the market markers, of course, always looking to legally steal what they can. Our experience here has been that in such times we should not submit pending orders. They can be executed at “market” prices. This means your pending order can be executed at a price different from what you specify, and when the market makers decide it is in their best interests. Simply hitting the order button seems to get better results in such environments, even though such an order also can be filled at a different price.

Contact TradersWay at:

Yours Truly,
:) Tah

Re: Who is Recommended and Why

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:01 pm
by Traderathome
LMFX is a Recommended Broker

LMFX is another broker that offers access to decent leverage, no FIFO and allows hedging for all customers:

- accepts all clients, including USA residents (an absolute necessity for our international membership!)
- webtrader, allowing you to access your account from any device
- 100% deposit match bonus with favorable terms for higher margin, allowing you to grow your account faster
- different trading tools ( % risk, lot size calculator, and others)
- many different $$$ transaction options, including Skrill, etc.
- no deposit and withdrawals fees
- partnership programs and PAMM account option showing that broker has a long term plan

LMFX does not charge spread + commission, just a spread. This spread is higher than the sum of spread + commission at TW. But no fees charged for deposits/withdrawals can add up to cash savings.

Contact LMFX at:

Yours Truly,
:) Tah

Who is Recommended and Why

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:11 pm
by Traderathome
ICMarkets is a Recommended Broker

Dear PVSRA Musketeers,

This broker does not accept USA residents and therefore, when similar trading restrictions go into effect for European traders, this broker could refuse them also and close their existing accounts. But for now, here is how Fisher755 favorably describes this broker.......

"Finding a good, reliable broker is THE hardest challenge a trader will face during the trading journey. Over the past 5 years of my journey I have changed to different brokers at least 10 times! This extended experience with brokers is finally giving me some fruits. The most recent changes of my main trading account were from Trader's Way to LMFX, then to Pepperstone, and now to IC Markets, hopefully for the longer term. I enjoyed trading with Pepperstone and was very grateful for their MT4 Advanced Trading Tools, especially the Trading Terminal that allows traders to use great functions like "Close All", "Partial Closes ( % of EP )", predefined lot size, TP and SL , easier placement of stop and limit orders, and many more nice functions.

Still, there is a tiny but important difference between Pepperstone and IC markets; Pepperstone has a volume requirement to use the MT4 Advanced trading tools and IC Markets does not. At IC markets, every trader that opens a live account gets the MT4 Advanced trading tools!

Since IC Markets is regulated broker they do not accept US clients. EU traders might face important changes regarding leverage at regulated brokers soon. If ICM will have to abide by such new EU regulators rules remains to be seen, but there is a possibility (slight, but still there) they will not. Another reason that I changed from Pepperstone to ICM is because last August Pepperstone had to change EU clients to EU servers so there would be no way their EU clients could escape such new EU regulations, if and when they come.

So far IC Markets is definitely the best broker I have ever used. So, there might be a light in the end of brokers tunnel for EU and Asian traders. IC Markets has great orders execution and the lowest trading costs I ever experienced (important for scalpers). The only drawback here is that USA residents are not accepted as clients, a situation that is all to prominent around the world, as the big banks that control the markets and fund the market makers, and that have the various "market regulators" do their bidding, continue to collude amongst themselves and with their "false" regulators to make profitable trading more difficult for individual traders, in more places around the world." - Fisher755

:) Tah