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Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 8:27 am
by Fisher755
Enfoid Prop Trading - the best available Prop firm out there

There is nothing better in this world for a trader then trading nice accounts with close to zero risk. Enfoid is the only Prop company out there that offers this kind of trading - close to zero risk. I will explain why and how in my next post.

I passed my first evaluation process to become funded with them (challenge and verification) beginning of last year. 36 weeks ago to be precise as visible from my TEs in the picture.

The reason why I didn't share this with PVSRA members earlier is because I did not know the company very well and wanted to verify it first. BUT, the moment has finaly come and I am very proud being Enfoid trader because they are very smart, very serious, very dedicated, very flexible, very transparent.....and thanks to them every trader can trade with as close to zero risk as is possible in life in general.

Enfoid is not for you if you do not have basic knowledge about money management, risk management, account management, trade management!!
Nobody gives a shit about how much profits you can make! The Risk is no.1 priority for every trader! If you fall into this category then read my posts under Trade and risk management thread under the Trading Room section for at least 10.000 times and put those words into practice for 6 months to 2 years time on demo! Then come back here when you are ready!

Enfoid Chalenge and verification 2020.png
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Re: Topic reserved for Fisher

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:10 am
by Fisher755
Enfoid- why it is the best Prop firm outhere and why it is close to zero risk

So- lets go thru the basic process, Mja allowed me to use him as an example .

Mja is a mid aged trader . Not a newbie but also not enough expirience yet. Let's say he is able to produce $1 profit per month on a $50.000 account with less then 5% ($2.500) draw down per day and with less the 10% ($5.000) draw down overall . Does not matter if he has the 50k on his bank account to trade or not. Even if he has he would be crazy to risk them since anytime being exposed in the mkt black swan event can happen and account can blow or suffer significant damage. Choosing a broker is also not a walk in the park these days with lower leverage and more and more restrictions. Instead he can invest $500 (1% of the account size he wants to trade with 50% profits split payed out each month after he gets funded and generates profits) into Enfoid.

Now, let's say he is not able to generate 10% profits the first month or the second month or the third month but is able to stay within 5% DD limit and generates $5 profits so after the first month his balance is $50.005. Not only he will receive fresh account to start again (with limitless re-try attempts) but he will also receive cca 10% yearly interest on the $500 he invested in the first place that is payed out every week from Fiday week one he joined Enfoid (proportionaly cca 0.175% interest weekly payouts) and this interest is available to him to do with it whatever he wants- transfer out for his own needs or re-invest and get 10% interest on these interest payouts too.

So basically he risked nothing. The worse case scenario that can happen to him is that he needs to wait for 5-6 years to get his investment back out because he violated 5% daily DD rule or 10% monthly DD rule because in such case his $500 investment stays locked on his account receiving interest ( 10% yearly in weekly payouts) . Interest is always unlocked and available to withdraw from the week one he joined Enfoid!

This is the main reason why Enfoid is the best Prop firm out there, everywhere else you go- including the most popular prop firm - you always loose your initial investment if one of the rules is violated. But not Enfoid because they are smart! The worse case scenario with Enfoid if you are a crap trader is that your initial investment is locked and you have to wait for the interest payouts to get your investment back.

There are other advantages with Enfoid compared to others and I will go thru them in the next posts.

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Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:07 am
by Fisher755
Trading multiple prop accounts from $25.000 up to $700.000 agregate account size

Enfoid pays insurance for each of our accounts separately- which allows us to have great money and accounts management plan. Very smart thing. I already have some expirience with this kind of trading - basicaly it is accounts diversification. So I trade multiple accounts with them and add a new one every month or every couple of months. One account is the most active, others less- depanding on the mkt situation. Accidents do happen and my accounts diversification allows me to be safe at all times. BTW- this can be also good temporary solution for Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) traders until they are able to solve FOMO problem completly. :geek:

We can have for example 7 $100.000 accounts with Enfoid or 14 $50.000 accounts etc- all the variations of $25K, $50K, $100K and $300K accounts . There is no other prop firm out there that allows $700.000 starting capital per trader. Before scalling up. Scalling plan alows Enfoid to have up to $2.300.000 capital allocated per trader. :dance: :clap:

Re: Topic reserved for Fisher

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:20 am
by Fisher755
Enfoid Transparency

The owner of Enfoid is a trader just like us. A trader with transparent proven long term profitable track record! For the last 3 years he is streaming Live on YouTube every single trading day. Executing trades Live. The streams are recorded and uploaded on his YouTube channel!!! Mind blowing! Not only he gives us money to trade with with basically zero risk, he trades every day with us Live so we can watch and learn for free no matter what stage we are in as a trader. The only prop firm out there!!! Huge advantage over others!!!! Enfoid means serious bussines.

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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:01 am
by Fisher755
Enfoid Accounts Management- removing pyschological pressure of time limits

100k account evaluation VS 4x 25k accounts evaluation:

At first glance there is no difference (Enfoid offers free copy trade software) but trading multiple accounts minimizes or removes the pressure of time limit (30 calendar days to get to 10% profit).
Together with 2 weeks-2 weeks tactics it is close to impossible to fail (if you know what you are doing) and you get all the time in the world to get funded.

Example #1: 100k account
You have 30 days to reach 110k and only one shot and in case of a losing streak you can face 2, 3 or 4 %dd which means that after few days you will have to make 12,13 or 14% to meet the target and even less time which leaves you in a position where you will focus on profits ( very wrong) and under even more time pressure.

Example #2: 4x 25k accounts
You have all the time in the world to get funded because you can start trading one account and save 3 for excellent trade setups because they do come. So in case of a bad start (3% DD) on the first account after week one you can scratch the first one for meeting the profits traget and focus on breakeven instead to get a free restart. So now your main goal after 3% DD is to get 3.1% in 3 remaining weeks so you meet requirements for restart on this first account after 30 days. Open terminal #2 and start trading account no.2 normaly and if losing streak repeats again repeat the process- focus on breakeven on acc. no.#2 and start trading normaly etc. Since all of this is not happening at the same time you have no time pressure at all. By the time you will be using account no.4 the account no.1 will get a free restart because no DD rules will be broken. Sooner or later you will hit the winning streak and get to the next stage ( Verification 4X easier- 5% profit target in 60 days, same 5% daily and 10% overall DD limits) with all 4 accounts one by one.
( Important notice: The account start date depends on the first trade executed! So if you receive account credentials today and execute your first trade 4 days from now then your 30 days time period starts in 4 days from now!)

All the while this is going on you are receiving interests for the insurance you paid (1% of the account size) in the first place. :ugeek: