Members Introducing Themselves

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mload »

Hi everybody, i live in Chiang Mai Thailand and trade for 2 years now, i want improve more and with pvsra i am sure i can trade better,i am happy to be part of this group.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

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Hi everyone !

I'm Adrien, currently living in Montreal (Canada) and been trading for 1 year. I've been studying PVSRA by my own for several months and I'm super excited to be now part of the fam.
Looking forward to share with you guys !

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Dipiers »

Hi Everyone!

I am DP Italian born living in the UK. I have been trying trading for a while, tried different indicators and my problem with them is that they are all a representation of the "past" (yeah, I understand that no one knows the future :mrgreen: ) and I feel that PVSRA may help me to get the NOW.

A trader introduced me to the PVSRA as a part of his way of trading and I want to understand more about it, eventually sharing my experience, my weaknesses and my strengths.

So far, I feel decent at trading, but my account waves a lot = inconsistency...I still need to stabilize...a lot...

I wish everyone a great trading!
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by zzqqjjzqj »

Thank you, I found the direction to work hard, I will seriously study PVSRA knowledge :D
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mramfrancis »

Hi Everyone,
My name's Alan. I am from the UK, but have been living in Rwanda with my wife and our children for almost two years now (how time flies!). I have been trading (somewhat) for a short while now and was recently introduced to PVSRA by a much more seasoned trader. I am keen to learn, as I know everyone here is, and wish to take this opportuity to whole-heartedly thank TAH and all the adminisstartive PVSRA team members for all their hard work and dedication in assisting us as we too eventually grow to being successful traders.

Thank you :clap:
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Denilson Braga
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Denilson Braga »

hello, my name is Denilson Braga, I'm from Brazil, Amazonas, Manaus, I'm 23 years old I've been doing forex for exactly 2 and a half years, without making any profit and breaking the bank several times, I come to register here in search of knowledge and eventually get it consistency in forex.
Sorry for my bad english, I'm not native and I'm still learning.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Xuandoio »

Hello, i am AS from Indonesia. I've been studying PVRA for about 2 months. There's so much i need to know. Glad i found this site...

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