Members Introducing Themselves

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by kdiasmatheus »

I'm Matheus from Brazil, I have 27yo. I have a federal lottery betting and banking company. I came here through a friend's recommendation to learn more about PVSRA, I have high expectations in relation to the forum because I didn't find any place that answers my questions.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by FariasT »

Hello, my name is Marcelo, I'm from Brazil, I'm 28 years old and since I was 22 I've been investing in a variable market, I've been operating the forex market for three years, but I would like to get new knowledge, I would be grateful to participate in the forum/community.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by krcheck18 »

Hello all. I'm John from Singapore. I intend to do well with PVSRA. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this community.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mjwilliam »

Hello, my name is William. I've been studying forex for a few years now, I eventually came across PVSRA and I'm here to learn more and help to whatever I can.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by ignastul »

Hello, I am Ignas from Lithuania. I studied economics at university to learn how to trade FX. Later on, I understood that university is the wrong place to learn FX. So, I started learning PVSRA around 5 years ago. But, due to a lack of patience became successful I quit trading. Now after 5 year probably I grow up and decided to come back to trading world.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Dionysos »

Hi all,

i am Denis from Germany and i am looking to learn .. and be a full time trader :mrgreen:
i would like to thank to creator of this place and all contributors here. thanks thanks thanks.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by satrius »


I'm satrius, from Hungary. I'm studying forex trading (and trading in general, especially technical analysis) for quite a few years now. Started with +500 back in ~2010, but soon realized that is a platform for those who wish to get rid of their money quickly. Turned to MT4, and was looking for strategies that worth trying. Found some volume based strategies, then I got to PVSRA. I started to study and use it, but by that time (~2016) I had to quit trading, and when I returned to the markets, I found the indicators not working properly anymore. Been experimenting with algo trading in the meantime, coded some simple MACD bots, and also tried to bound to R studio and some machine learning routines, but that was a dead end. Now I want to deepen my understanding with PVSRA, and I wish to test it in today's economic environment.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by isa-bela »

Hi, my name is Isa-bela, i live in Brazil.
After studying the fundamental topics about the Forex market, I found PVSRA as an alternative to delve deeper into this market, so that I have more consistency in my analyzes and try to avoid being deceived by false ideas and naive decisions about how to trade. I hope to collaborate with everyone on this new learning journey.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Achamoth »

Hello everyone,
My name is Flávio Fracalossi, I am 42 years old, I live in the city of Florianópolis, located in the south of Brazil.
I met Forex about a 3 years ago, since then I am studying the foreign exchange market.
I obtained knowledge of PVSRA through youtube and through online surveys, which I conduct regularly in search of knowledge about the financial market.
I really want to be part of this group, to study the tools and especially to be in a room of professionals, where knowledge will be my investment.
Thanks for the opportunity.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by claytoncaetano »

hello everybody, my name is Clayton Caetano, and I am from Mozambique, I'm a student of economics and I came here to learn more about time series previsions in order to make better decisions trading FX.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by squallboko »

Hi everyone, I'm Reid from Malaysia. I got into trading one year ago and had learnt many TA but found no success especially in crypto and Forex market. Then I came across PVSRA, where I found it gave me some clarity into how market works. I would be really glad to get into this community to deep dive into PVSRA.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by torbica »

Hiall, I'm torbica from Slovenia , happy to learn and share . :violin:
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by expo01 »

Hello everyone, I'm Juan from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here to learn more about the PVSRA method...
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mauricio »

My name is Mauricio i'm from Brazil very excited to be part of that comminity hope to learn a lot with you guys
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by dan4lqn »

My name is Ivan and I am from Bulgaria.
I am now in the third year of my trading journey and the most important thing I realised for those years is that I am far far away from the trader I want to be.
I hope this place to help me build myself as a trader and as a person!
Happy trading to all!

Overcome the fear of being wrong!
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Pasi »

Hello all,

My name is Pasi. I am from Finland but live now in Thailand. I found forex market 10 years ago and go through so many different trading systems with no success. This 10 year time I have many period when quit tradind and give up. Now I found this PVRSA community and are trustful to learn this system and become successful trader too. Thank You.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by MisterPocket618 »


My name is Ryan and I'm from Canada. I've been trading crypto and stocks for about 2 years using a variety of methods. At this point, I know how to use most of the technical analysis tools in Tradingview (fibs, pitchforks, harmonic patterns, etc.), and am decent at coding my own indicators in Pinescript. I've also studied orderflow using Exocharts and Bookmap and am fairly comfortable with those tools. Still my trading hasn't been overly successful, so I'm trying to figure out what is going wrong. I think it's a combination of a few bad habits and trading at the wrong times. I'm hoping incorporate PVSRA to help me break some of those habits and resist the temptation to trade at the wrong times!

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mike_vsa »


My name is Michael and I have been trading on and off ( main job as therapist and consultant ) for 15 years. I have gone through a lot of trial and error and I am currently in a situation which allows me to take time off and get back to the basics, sort of. I went through all of my technical analysis books, all of the expensive courses and everything else.
That was when I asked myself : what was really useful, what gave me true inspiration.....after all, often times you are told : who could be a role model, what kind of trader or trading method suits your personality ?
That was a moment where I went back in time and started to read old posts in Forums, look at charts differently ( not just : that was a good trade, or a bad trade, or I wish I could have traded that....but rather : is this the way I want to trade ? Based upon what trading plan, where is my edge here, is this really the kind of approach I want to take ?

Looking back I can say that the only valid inspiration came from real life traders. However....I discovered that certain methods of trading do not fit my personality.
They are either too complicated ( Andrews Pitchfork as taught by Tim Morge, I have done this for years....), or extremely aggressive trades such as in the Readthemarket / Supply and Demand approach ( Ifmyante/Redsword11 ). Now all of these traders are great and I am grateful for having been able to learn from them.
Actually for many years.....

But the one approach which kept me most flexible in my thinking, prepared me for erratic stop hunts and activities of market makers etc etc was TAH´s approach.
The reasons being :
- most flexible in terms of timeframes ( works on 5min up to Daily charts ).
- teaches how to detect moves of the market makers.
- without talking much about it, I believe that extensive chart time using this approach trains the eyes for market maker cycles on weekly and daily TF`s.
- learning to preserve capital and stay out if uncertain.
- re-train the mind in order to trade only " what you see " and reduce risk.
- uses combinations of volume and price activity much like the " old school " legendary traders ( Wyckoff, also see Larry Williams, for intraday Linda Raschke ).

I hope I can contribute something useful and I wish everyone a successful trading experience !
Thank you TAH !

Berlin, Germany ( please excuse my English )
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by QuantTraderX »

Hello to all,

my name is Francesco from Italy. I've been trying to learn Forex for 3 years with mixed success.
I managed to "do" +30% in 10 trading days with a total discretionary method, looking at Volume Profile, but I then I lost is all again, because I don't have yet a methodical approach.

I'm sure I found a real structered approach with the PVSRA method and I hope to improve my consistency.

I hope to contribute something useful and I wish everyone green pips!
Thank you TAH !

Bolzano, Italy
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by DeltaInvesting »

Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel and i'm from Brazil. I study the PVSRA about three months and i'm here to learn everything i can about the PVSRA.
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