Members Introducing Themselves

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by camiyu3158 »

Hello everyone, my name is camiyu. I have been in forex market for a while but still not a profitable trader. Some days are good but mostly bad. I happened to find PVSRA in forex factory yesterday and immediately felt this was the one I should learn about. I'm very lucky to be here and excited to learn from you all. Thank you.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Drouse2 »


My name is Drouse2. I'm on my journey to becoming consistently profitable and am happy to be here to learn. I'm looking forward to diving in. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by ljtrading »

Hi everyone,
I'm Leo from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I want to learn and never stop to learn to use this method PVSRA.
Hopefully with this method, i can become consistent and discipline trader..
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by johnpaul »

Hi Coaches and hi to all members of PVSRA

Im new here im 1 and half year in trading using smc mechanical trading but still not profitable and hoping to find what suitable strategy for me im trying this strategy to have a new hope and dont give up on trading journey. im from phillipines and i hope you guide me well here thank you !
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by pintas »

Hello everyone! I'm Pintas. I'm currently living in Brazil and i've been studying Forex for about a year now, but still just in demo accounts and backtesting.
I'm eager to learn more about Forex, as i find it fascinating.
Hope PVSRA will help me become a consistently profitable trader, and so help others become profitable as well.
Thank you for this forum! ;)
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by iizu001 »

Hi Founder of TradeAtHome and all other traders here, i'm from Malaysia and been study & practice in trading since 2021. Still consider myself a newbie due to keep looking for a more suitable strategy for myself on doing scalping trade. Hope to learn from you all. Found this in Forex Factory. Thanks to Tradeathome (TaH & team) to share their know-how to us. I'll be starting my PVSRA journey here.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by NinjaBr3 »

Hello everybody!

I recently discovered PVSRA and really liked it. I'm here to learn how to use it and incorporate it into my strategies, and contribute to the community in whatever way possible in the future.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by timon2342 »

Hi, all...

I'm Timon from NYC. I'm quite familiar with the Forex markets but only recently have started seriously looking into PVSRA. The last time I checked people were quite vague with their charts and explanations on their PVSRA entries, which kind of just left me confused and so I left it at that.

But now, I'm seeing some very good explanations of PVSRA trades being posted that I can understand, absorb, hopefully emulate and eventually become a consistently profitable trader myself.

That is all. Thanks for having me.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by wolf »

Hello everyone,

I just signed up,
I train and learn every day. I would like to know more and apply these changes.
Thank you for everything.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Homamiadana »

Hello! Joining this trading forum is a thrilling opportunity for me to expand my knowledge, share insights, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the world of trading. I'm looking forward to absorbing valuable information, exchanging ideas, and building lasting relationships within this vibrant community.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by gtra »

I'm from Brazil, I've been learning Forex for over 1 year, I'm enthusiastic about the subject, I want to make a living from it, today I study different indicators, but when I saw PVSRA everything made a lot more sense, I want to learn more and be able to take advantage of the market, because so far I'm just missing out, thank you very much for being able to register, I hope I can follow along and learn more.

Gratitude. :D
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by DieselFX »


I'm from London been trading for about five years now, excited to get stuck into PVSRA.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by mayadaleen »

Hello everyone,

I'm MDMY, and I've been trading for more than 3 years. Unfortunately, my trading journey has been challenging, and I've faced more losses than gains. I'm here to learn from all of you and improve my strategies.

I believe there's a lot I can gain from the collective wisdom in this group, and I'm eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I'm particularly interested in understanding PVSRA method, and would greatly appreciate any tips or resources you could share.

While I may not have a wealth of success stories to share yet, I'm committed to learning and contributing positively to the group. Thank you for having me, and I look forward to connecting with you all.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by XAleet »

Hi everybody!

Fabian from Frankfurt, Germany here.

I am looking forward to learning together. I made good progress with PVSRA two years ago, but when I had losses I had huge ones. When emotions go up, my intelligence goes down…

I am very happy to study more and have some progress with my trades.

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