Thanks for PVSRA

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Thanks for PVSRA

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Good night again everyone. I'd like to say a major thanks to all of those involved in making PVSRA possible. My own trading journey went in various directions - if you saw the post with my charts from 2017 - I've tried quite a lot of different things. From EAs to copy trades to various systems. I've found that doing things manually give the best results, and PVSRA seems to most closely match what I'm trying to get at.

I've been using a "bastardized" version of a number of things. BTMM which showed me that things happen in the markets for a reason - the MMs want to take your money. Quarter's Theory which helped me in finding the levels and showing how price moves from one level to another. Mean Reversals which showed me how price goes back to the MAs. The use of the ADR as good points for targets. And other things. I've been trying to find a way to mesh the things I've learned all together, and PVSRA seems to do it best.

The explanations included good details on the methodology, and I like how it was presented. So here I am.

Everything in life I believe is based on your own personal experience. If I had bad experiences with Toyota and only good experiences with Honda, I'll buy Honda going forward. The problem is - with trading - persons don't spend the time to learn any one thing well enough. People are always trying to find the "holy grail" and some magic formula to instantly make money - and that's not how it works. Yes - you can take PVRSA and work with it - but chances are it's not your first rodeo. You've gone through a lot to get here. If it's the first place you've found - great! I guess some will leave and some will stay as with most things. I'm hoping that I can find the drive and keep it so that my stay will be long lived.

Thanks again for this - and keep up the good work!
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Re: Thanks for PVSRA

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Hello, community! In this short text I just want to leave my thanks to all who are part of this brotherhood! Thanks to your help I am able to put food on my family's table through trading! Thanks to the admins for the impeccable work! Hugs directly from Brazil!
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