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1 - Orientation Room

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:42 am
by Traderathome
Notice #1: We intend the contents of this thread to be detrimental to the "commercial interests" of the corrupt Robber Banks operating their rigged currency market.
Notice #2: Read Orientation Room posts completely and follow all instructions completely, and be serious about it or lose your posting privilege here.

Dear PVSRA Musketeers, Gals and Guys, Fellow Retail Traders All,

PVSRA, now with it's own international home site free of advertisements and censorship, is off to a new beginning to be better than ever before for retail traders. Here is where I shall be as the caretaker of the PVSRA body of work in progress. And this Orientation Room has been set up to properly introduce you to PVSRA and HTMRW, and the etiquette we have so that our trading posts are the clearest, most consistent to be found at any trading site in the world. The posts here will undergo changes over time, so keep yourselves up-to-date by coming back to this Orientation Room regularly.

You will find the download files for the latest template/indicators/explanatory PDF (which also might be upgraded from time to time) in the Downloads Room. If you do not see the Downloads Room on the Home Page it is because you do not yet have access to it. As explained in site Post #1 regarding instructions for registration, once you properly complete your registration process, in due course of time Administration will approve your access to the Downloads Room. Once you see it on the Home Page, you have access to the downloads.

Yours Truly,
:) Tah

Re: Orientation

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:03 am
by Traderathome
Posting Etiquette:

This international site is the text book for PVSRA. A good text book has clear text and illustrations. Please have the caring to make all your posts well explained and very legible. Some will read these posts many months or even years from now. Will your post make sense to them then? The posting etiquette here is what best serves this PVSRA text book. Only post full size charts using our template and indicators only!. If you use the MT4 "Quick Order" panel located in the upper left of the chart, please turn it off for posted pictures! Regarding posts of closed trades, be sure the closed trade PL label appears on the chart by scrolling the height of the chart up/down to bring it into view, or increase the "lookback" time in the Trade Levels external inputs if more than an hour has passed since the trade was closed. Please understand our overall objective for clarity, consistency and completeness, and be supportive of it. By doing so, you will help further the body of work being developed here, and you will have the thanks of the many others that are helping and being helped, now and for years into the future. And in the Trading Room, please......"No pic., no post!" Posts with no pics, or out of compliance pics, will summarily be removed. Members with out of compliance posts risk having their membership deleted.

For clean postings of pictures of your chart, please follow these instructions:
1. Create a Desktop file with some name like "Screenshots (month) (year)".
2. Click on "File" in MT4 banner.
3. Click on "Save as Picture".
4. Check "Active chart (as is).
5. Uncheck rectangle about MQL5.
6. Click ok.
7. Save your picture to the Desktop file you created.

This will save a picture of just your chart, without all the distracting garbage that surrounds it! You can retrieve this chart for attaching to your post on this site.
If any are not doing this, please start doing it to help this site be the best PVSRA text book and retail trading site worldwide!

Additionally, and also importantly, please do not post in all capital letters and please do not post any links in your Profile. Your email address is sufficient for contacts. Inclusion of other links will be deemed advertising and your membership will be deleted!

Please, all PVSRA Musketeers, let us remember that we are here to practice and hone our trading skills. And when we post, if we post with making additional efforts so that we, thru our posts, might better encourage and help others to greater understanding and success, then perhaps we will receive God's Blessings as well.

One for All and All for One!
:) Tah

Re: Orientation

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:19 am
by Traderathome
What is PVSRA?

PVSRA stands for Price Volume Support Resistance Analysis.  We cannot know how the Robber Bank market makers will move price next, but by doing good and proper PVSRA we can get a "feel" for what they are up to.  And with that, and with patience to await a proper "setup", we can take money from them, instead of the other way around. You will be exposed to PVSRA techniques via posted trades in the Trading Room, but here is an introduction to PVSRA, something brief about each part.

Price - We cannot know how the MMs (Market Makers) will move price next, period. But price tends to consolidate above key SR when MMs are filling sell orders for SM (Smart Money) and buy orders for DM (Dumb Money), and price tends to consolidate below key SR when MMs are filling buy orders for SM and sell orders for DM. The MMs are also "SM", and they tend to do the other SMs "one better"! This means that after the MMs fill the SM/DM orders, they might run a stop hunt on those SM positions....suckering in more DM also.....getting liquidity to build their own SM positions at the best prices of all!

Volume - Increases in activity denote increase in interest. But, is it long or short interest? Where is price in the bigger picture when this is happening? Is it at relative highs, or lows in the overall price action? And if a high volume bar is for a candle which you can examine by going to lower TF charts, you might see where in the spread of that candle the most volume occurred, high or low! Using volume is about taking note of relative increases in volume and what price is doing at the same time. Are the better volumes favoring the lower or the higher prices as the MMs move price up and down? And do the volumes get particularly notable when the MMs take price above or below key SR?

S&R - What I want you to realize here is that the whole, half and quarter numbered price levels (hereinafter referred to as "Levels") are the most important SR of all in this market! Not because price stops, pauses, proceeds or reverses there, but because it is above or below these levels that important consolidation (MMs filling SM orders) takes place. Once SM long orders are filled, they become interested in placing orders to close them at higher prices, and hence the MMs will be moving price higher, eventually. Once SM short orders are filled, they become interested in placing orders to close them at lower prices, and hence the MMs will be moving price lower, eventually. Just remember, price tends to consolidate above key levels when SM is selling (to close longs or to open shorts) and price tends to consolidate below key levels when SM is buying (to close shorts or to open longs).

PVSRA - If we can spot consolidations above/below key SR, examine the overall price action on various TF charts, and take note of where the notable increases in volume have most recently occurred (did volume favor relative highs or lows), then we can build a consensus about what kind of orders the MMs have most recently been filling; buying to open longs or close shorts, or selling to open shorts or close longs. And we can get a better idea if things will next become bullish or bearish.  Once PA confirms our bullish or bearish PVSRA indications, and by recognizing the importance of Levels, we can look beyond current PA in the direction it is going and examine historic consolidation around other Levels to come up with candidates for where the price might be headed.  Bull or bear swings typically run in terms of 100+, 150+, 200+ pips, .....etc. And now you know why.

Okay. Now, if this is your first introduction to PVSRA, and having just read the above, you are likely scratching your head and still confused. That is normal. I will tell you a secret about the market and why you have a right to be confused. The secret is this. The market cannot be defined by mathematics nor by immutable logic. This is why the most advanced mathematicians over a century have never even come close to cracking the market. It cannot be done. Something else, other than math and immutable logic is the fundamental operand in the market. Have you ever watched a child attempt a jigsaw puzzle for the first time? And watched as that child grew and attempted more of them, and more complex ones?  Trust me in this. We need to apply ourselves to learning how to do PVSRA just as a child attacks learning how to do jigsaw puzzles. And we must continue doing PVSRA, because in time our mind will "learn" when we have just picked up an important piece of the puzzle, and that we know where it goes! Developing the skill of PVSRA is an art form. We must not allow ourselves to feel badly if we miss clues. PVSRA is an art form that takes time to perfect. Over time our skill will grow and our "read" of the unpredictable market will improve. We must take to ongoing learning and application of PVSRA because at ANY matter how various TF charts matter what the "news" is saying....and with total disregard for supposed fundamentals....the Robber Bank MMs can, and frequently do, run price just the OPPOSITE! PVSRA can help us see places where "advanced loading" by SM might have occurred and can help us better understand direction probabilities in spite of the "noise" and "misleads" conventional chart analysis can produce.

We can never know how the Robber Bank MMs will move price next, and don't ever forget this truth! But with PVSRA we can get clues as to what is going on. With the momentum depicted by our setup and with PVSRA clues that "support" the same notion of the direction price action should take, we help ourselves to get on the right side of the odds. And in doing this, all that remains is to manage each trade appropriately, so if the MMs turn price against us, we are not "married" to a bias that keeps us in the trade, losing money.

Sincerely....PVSRA, Discipline, Patience, Profits,
:) Tah

Re: Getting Started

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:36 am
by Traderathome
What is HTMRW?

HTMRW stands for How The Market Really Works, understanding why price moves the way it does.  Does anybody remember the "lil' Abner" cartoons in the Sunday papers? Let me draw for you a mental picture of how the market really works.....

Imagine Daddy Yokum ferociously racing a buckboard wagon up and down the steep inclines and declines in the rough, rocky mountain road that has sharp turns and a sheer cliff on one side. The wagon wheels are spewing rocks off the side of the cliff! Even Daddy Yokum's shotgun is going off due to the jolting of the buckboard! Daddy Yokum has a demented look on his face, but he is smiling! The horse has a wild look in it's eyes and is frothing at the mouth. There are two passengers being tossed around in the back of the buckboard, terror stricken! Now, let's pan back from this cartoon picture and place the labels needed. On the side of the wagon is the sign "Market Pricing". The demented, smiling Daddy Yokum, is the Market Maker. The passengers being tossed around are the buyers and sellers.

.....Got it? Market prices are not determined by the buyers and sellers. They are determined by the Robber Bank Market Makers (MMs).

The "market" is the sole creation of the Robber Banks that "make the market". While it serves the world of commerce, they run it to make profits. And they opened the market up to foster prolific currency trading by others for the sole purpose of making more profits. They move prices up and down to "create liquidity" to fill the orders of SM (Smart Money) and DM (Dumb Money), for the commissions they make by filling the orders. When they have some orders above the current price and some below the current price, who do you think determines the sequence of direction and distance the price is going to move so these orders can be filled? And always - since they know how they are going to move price next - they take positions themselves to make additional profits.

They do this by:
1. Manipulating price to sucker into the market DM that is taking the wrong side position and providing liquidity for the MMs to fill the orders placed by SM.
2. Manipulating price to sucker into the market SM that is taking the right side position, but maybe too soon!
3. Later, manipulating price to hit stops on SM positions and to sucker in more DM, using DM and stolen SM to build their own SM positions!

They have total control of pricing, and by these actions they effectively "deceive and thieve" to get the money to fill their own "right side" positions before moving the price to the next area they have decided on for filling orders, and for taking profit on their positions built beforehand. Don't get me wrong. I do not object to the market volatility these thieving Robber Banks create. We need it. But we also need to understand what these people are like, the cloth they are cut from. They are manipulators of market prices and well practiced thieves. We have to be extra careful about trading in the market they operate. On some special days you can see them in their true colors. We should witness it. Take note of it. Speak of it. And above all, remember the tricks they play!  It is part of HTMRW.

Sincerely....PVSRA, Discipline, Patience, Profits,
:) Tah

Orientation & Study Materials

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:40 pm
by Traderathome
What Do I Do Next?

From what you have completed reading here in the Orientation Room, you understand the pride we take to trade well and post well to help others. You've been introduced to the essence of PVSRA and HTMRW. Your next stop is the Study Hall. There you can read about the setup for trading that we prefer to use, and more about PVSRA and HTMRW. Posts here in the Orientation Room and in the Study Hall can be updated and added to over time, so you should revist and reread, if only to refresh.

In addition to the Orientation Room content and the Study Hall content, please partake of our Comments, Q & A section and the Trading Room. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can absorb a lot in the Trading Room.

Sincerely....PVSRA, Discipline, Patience, Profits,
:) Tah

Re: 1 - Orientation Room

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:02 pm
by Traderathome
Information on Changes to Posts in this Topic

You are at the bottom of the list of posts in this topic. Click on "up" triangle in lower right corner of this post to begin at the top.
After you have completed studying these posts, please proceed to the Study Hall to resume your study.

Sincerely....PVSRA, Discipline, Patience, Profits,
:) Tah