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Re: Markets, Gamblers, Fundamentals

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Another of the musings of an old-ager......

So long as there are multi-billion backed players, a multitude of Robber Bank instigated derivatives (equate that to multiple ways to manipulate prices that do not appear on "normal charting") and regulations designed and enforced (or not) to benefit the ultra-rich players, there will never be entropy. There will always be the nearly absolute control of pricing to benefit those that are controlling the pricing.

The markets today are not at all about intrinsic values. They are about gamblers willing to put their money into the game with risk, and those that actually have the ability to control prices to their advantage who, as I see it, have relegated fundamentals to the role of bait.

:D Tah
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Re: About PVSRA v2

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Exactly Tah, I felt a lot of difference in terms of manipulation regarding the previous year, last year it seemed "easier" Lol I see more that this year the thefts are getting better and better, Thanks for that comment that makes perfect sense. ;)
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Re: About PVSRA v2

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Good day everyone.

I've really enjoyed reading the content on this forum as it is clean and easy to follow without the 'noise' that is on FF.
There is a lot of screen time ahead for me to absorb the PVA relationship and I would dearly like to get started with the 'right' template.

To the powers that be here, when you have a few spare seconds I'd love to humbly receive a "DOWNLOAD" link on my Board Index.

Pretty Please.
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