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Re: Questions & Answers

Post by luke1711 »

Please be advised that MT4 in it's downloaded form does not have a "context menu" accessible by clicking right mouse button on the broker mt4 icon. This feature is apparently one that must be appended to MT4 by action of brokers themselves. Many have not provided this feature to their clients, unfortunately. - Tah
Yes, but I mean the icon associated to the "Terminal.exe" file (Client Terminal MT4)...
I changed a few brokers over the years, and since I recall, all the provided downloadable MT4 installations ended always with this file installed, with a different broker icon.
Choosing "properties" in the Right-Mouse button menu is a Windows feature available with every software (those with icons).
I am using a normal "phisical" desktop computer with Windows 10 Professional as operating system.

With Windows 10 Professional (and I assume with any version thereof) this will not be found in Local Disk (C:) Program Files for brokers MT4s. As far as right clicking on MT4 icon in Taskbar, all you can do then is to open application, close it, or remove it. Yes, you can open Windows "Troubleshooter" if right clicking on MT4 icon on Desktop. You see, this is like trading......some details matter. :lol: Good work! :dance: - Tah
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Re: Questions & Answers

Post by mattmoore4ua »

Question about candle color between IC Markets MT4 and TradersWay MT4-ECN: which one holds more weight? I can see that TradersWay looks to have more volume compared to IC Markets, does this mean that I should use their charting to identify the candle color? It makes trading quite difficult when each terminal has different candle colors and I have no idea which one should hold more weight.

Thank you for your help!

You have not done your HOMEWORK here! The answer to this question and many others will be found for you to read and contemplate in the Orientation Room and Study Hall. Please do the per our Welcome! message.....and save us the time and anguish of responding to the same questions over and over and over and over, with each new member that hasn't. - Tah
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Re: Questions & Answers

Post by opg »

Hello PVSRA Musqueteers,

I read somewhere that you should not trade on bank holidays, and they say the reason is the reduction in liquidity.
Should I follow this advice or just still scan the charts for a setup?

Do as you like. Bank holidays can mean less participation in the market. Less participation can mean if the MMs wish to move price from "A" to "B" they might be able to do it more suddenly, without any "lead-in" increase in volatility due to a decrease in genuine activity by usual market participants. Of course, we cannot ever know what the MMs will be doing with prices, as you like. - Tah

Thanks for your input, Tah.
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