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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:01 pm
by PaulaGW
Hello everyone!
I'm Paula from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I live in Lisbon, Portugal for a year. I read about PVRSA and it is fantastic!
I'm here to learn more about it and, if I can, collaborate on something.
Thank you and a better year for everyone!

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:48 pm
by rafaelfran

My name is Rafael Rosa, and I live in a small city in Brazil, called Sumare.

I have started in DayTrade a few months ago, but so far nothing worked properly for me.

My friend strongly recommended PVSRA, so I'm here to try! :D

Thanks in advance!

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 2:46 pm
by saulovc
my name is Saulo, I started recently and after some research and directions I decided to start here. I hope to learn a lot.

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:00 pm
by givduL
Hello everyone!

My name is Ludvig and I'm a 31 years old man from a small town in Sweden there I was born and raised. I'm a father of two little daughters (1 and 3 years old).
Today I'm working as a structural engineer but what i really want is to simply work from home managing trades.
I have studied the forex market for 10 years now. Some months very intensive several hours a day, some months much less. I actually don't remember how i first was introduced to the forex market. I have always been very rationall about money and ever since i was a little kid I always hade a dream that i wanted to get rich and i was always confident i would. I think i simply was scanning the internet trying to find diferent ideas of how to make money. What i do remember is that it was about ten years since i found forexfactory and babypips.
Like most of the newbies do I got excited everytime i saw a thread with advanced templates and thousand of indicators. But after a while i realised they didn't really work as they said it would.
Like i said I think I'm very rationall about money or, well everything. Sweden have a very popular lottery there you win if they draw your zip-code (if you're in the lottery obviously). Most people would probably die if you're not in it and then both of your neigbours gets rich. I would give a damn simply because I now it is a loss in the long run.
I also now a lot of prople who just happens to get lucky on the stockmarket even thou they acted like idiots. And then they think they are kings and know it all. Some day they will lose it all for sure. I would not be happy for a win if I new I made a mistake. Sure I would be happy that nature gave me a break that time leaving me with profits insted of loss. But i would be more worried that it would happen again and focus on how to avoid it.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is against my nature to have my trading decision influenced by emotions.
Like i said over these 10 years I have studiet A LOT! I've read many books and spent a lot a time studying price even i it would be without trading. I left indicators pretty early (except moving averages) and then I've studied priceaction, support and resistance, dynamic support and resistance, trendlines, and many others stuff. Elliot wave theory is another thing that i have spent many many hours studing. This is a theory that really trained my eyes to se and understand a lot of what price is doing. The problem with is that is always hard to se what degree a impulse have. So is it hard to count the waves correct. I don't recommend anyone trading with it but learing it can really let your eyes easier spot a correction, or even a complex correction.
I have studied so much that i usualy can tell if a strategy or concept has a potential or is useless without trying it.

Well it was a long that was a short presentation about me. A shorter story would be that i during this christmas sat down and really went through all the concepts that i have read about, learnd about and studied on charts. I feelt like it was about time to really create a final strategy that i would begin to use 2021. When i hade made the list i thought that maybe I should have a look at forexfactory and babypips since it was a year a go I think. I went through the most replied threads and I found this. It does use concepts I'm familiar with. The only thing that is new for me is using volume. I have always ignored it since more experienced price action traders said it didn't show the actual volume. My new understading from here is that even tickvolume can be usefull.

I was very happy when i realised you guys had you're own forum. It can be lonely to trade a strategy all by yourself. I've tried to introduce some of my friends by giving them the really easy shortcut to the concepts i've had to study for hunders of hours but even then they are to lacy to step up. So this forum is a really good thing.

Well, I will probably study the material i can find here a little quitly for a while but then I will become more active.

Thanks a lot for everybodys hard work and contributions. Let's "steel" the money from the MMs!

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:19 am
by Beniago100
Hello everyone!
I'm Iago from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I read about PVRSA and it is fantastic!
I am studying babypips now, but when I finish I would like to study pvrsa.
Thank you and have a good year.

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:27 am
by DepresedT
Hello everyone,

Finally got here after some trial and error but glad to be here.

Ok, so let's see my name is Dumitru originally from Romania but I live in Cyprus for the past 13 years, traded and fail many times while trying hundreds of strategies until I came across PVSRA while browsing ForexFactory.
Hopefully with your guys help I can learn how the setup works and in due time when I will get access to it will try it out on demo for a couple of months.
Sadly i'm still a NOOB when it comes down to technical trading but I hope all will change.

P.S. Be ready to be bombarded with questions (some might be stupid)!

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:30 am
by knkxxx
Hi everyone!
I'm Knk from Brazil,and I'm here to learn more about PVSRA ;)
Nice meeting you all!

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:19 pm
by paulofernandoteodoro
Hello everyone !

My name is Paulo and I'm from Brazil ! My English is not as good as I wish, but I hope you understand.
I've started in the financial market about 2 years ago and It has been very difficult for me. In the beggining of the year I had won about US$ 3.000 per month ( for 4 months ), so I tought that I was ready to invest more money so I sent to the broker account US$ 60.000 and lost all of the money. well, It's clearly I'm not an experient person, but I really want to learn how to attain the unconscious competence and I think there are here many experient people who can help me. Thanks !

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:33 am
by jc.salino
Hello everyone.
My name is José Carlos, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Vitoria, Brazil.
I started learning about tradeing last year during the pandemic and now I'm searching for more information.
so I learned about this forum from a channel on youtube and I registered to exchange information.

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:55 pm
by mrMaquine
Hi guys!

I am Matheus and I live in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. I trade forex for more than a year and my trade setup is based on price action only). I'm research other ways to create new setups to trade in different situations, so I expect learn something about PVSRA and, if possible, help the others on the forum.

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 12:07 pm
by fabosilva
Hello everyone,
My name is Fabricio, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil, I work in the local market (Ibovespa), but I'm interested in trading forex.

Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:54 am
by Bob55
Hello traders !
My name is Roberto, from France, italian origin, lived most of my life in Switzerland and now retired in France (Doubs).
I have been studying the markets for many years, first the Futures markets and then Forex. At first, like many beginning traders, I did blow up a couple of accounts before realizing that trading on indicators does simply not work.
I have read most books on trading and technical analysis, and have spent literally many thousands of hours searching for strategies, indicators, money management, etc.
Being now a (young...) retired person, I have more time available and last year a made a total immersion in deepening and fine tuning my techniques and trying to understand how the markets really work.
And I fully agree with the introduction made by Traderathome in the Orientation Room: the Forex market is manipulated by Smart Money (or Robber Bank market makers). So, if one wants to trade the forex market, one has to include Volume in its strategy, in order to find out what Smart Money is really doing in order to follow their steps.
I have been lately studying several books and tested some software related to this principle: Tradeguider, Hawkeye, Better Volume, etc. The conclusion is that nothing can replace the necessary understanding that we as traders need to have about the markets process. All the rest (indicators, software, etc.) are just helpful tools to use in our trade decisions.
And we shall not forget that the Forex market is very complex. Personally, my brain just cannot absorb the tons of flowing informations when looking simultaneouly at several currencies charts, currency strength indicators, averages, etc. etc.
So today I am focusing on a limited number of CFD's: Gold and a few stock indices: DAX, Dow,Nasdaq and one single currency EURUSD. ThoseI am convinced that one cannot trade a market without having a deep knowldge of it: detailed volume analysis hour-by-hour, best volatility hours, intermarket relations with other markets and economical factors influencing it.
We are today in a phase where everybody in this business talks about Algorithmic trading. For sure, banks and other professionals do use Quants, mathematicians to develop automatic trading algorithms. They can certainly achieve profits because they have available billions and can move/manipulate the markets. Last year, some banks were fined hundred of millions for fraud/spoofing.
But as small private traders (Dumb Money) we have to think how we can battle and win (make profit) against those SM guys ?
So I am now looking to find the best - and simple - way to combine volume analysis and price analysis. After testing most money flow indicators, I have selected two of them to complement my analysis on three charts: M15 base chart and two Range Bars charts.
Next step is to test the PVSRA indicators and templates and will then provide feedback on this forum.

All the best, trade well !