Members Introducing Themselves

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by erono »


My name is Evans from Kenya. I day trade exclusively for the promise of freedom and looking to add to my knowledge and consequently, trading edge.

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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by herifem »

I am Gabriel From Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. I have been in the mercy of indicators as a trader without the clue of what the Market Makers are doing, but thanks to PVSRA on FF, this is helping me to change my mindset on how I am seeing the market. Thanks to everyone that has make this possible.
Roberto Ruiz
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Roberto Ruiz »

hello group,
I'm Roberto de Sapucaia from southern Brazil, I want to understand more about PVRSA and to understand more about market structure together with PVRSA. Every tip and suggestion is welcome, and I would appreciate your help.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by simphonicpips »

Hey all - I am Sean from South Africa.
My trading is really pretty inconsistent. I have spent a lot of time studying charts, using indicators and taking trades but my results are disappointing.
I am now trying to make sense of the market maker psychology and hopefully learn from the PVSRA mindset and strategy
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by qasimali »

Im Qasim from manachester uk. i been studying this system and put effort on trading in demo. working good for me so far. hope to learn more thanks for having me
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Snowy »

Hi all, I am Larry, from Hillcrest near Durban in South Africa.
I have traded for many years, never able to make consistent profits. I like what I see here, still studying it and trying out a few trades on my small micro account.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Barukko »

Hi! I hope you all are very well :)

My name is Thiago, I'm from Brazil, and I'm starting to learn about trading.

I'm here because PVSRA indicators really impressed me!

I'll share with you my journey, so, see you all soon ;)
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Krab »

Hi everyone,

I'm a young professional working full time and working towards becoming financially free. I traded stocks very briefly in college and lost a little bit of money. Entered the working world and really can't comprehend how I am suppose to do this for another 30+ years. Found the PVSRA method and forex around the same time and so far it works! Looking to really get a full understanding of the method and figure out if I've just been getting lucky or I (hopefully) somewhat understand what in the world is going on in these markets.

So we begin..
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by serpal66 »

Good day everyone! Finally I registered on the site. I learned about this system recently, but based on my experience I started using it, because it suits me. I'm trying to add my own to optimize for myself. It is very interesting to read the community, what thoughts and new chips traders use. I am from Russia, my name is Sergey. In anticipation of learning new things. Good luck to all!
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by Traderlpst83 »

Hello everyone, my name is Vinh. I am a young trader, previously full of losing trades. Fortunately I came across this simple clean and high effective PVSRA delivery method. I will stick with this system during my trading journey. Many thanks to the people who developed this system.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by 9fxnan »

Hi Everyone.

I am 9fxan. I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I join here to learn more about PVSRA.
I love PVSRA. I have learned PVSRA from Forexfactory about 1 year. Sorry about my English.

thank you.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by AbdulRaufMlk »

Hello Friends!

This Is Abdul Rauf Malik From Pakistan. I Am A Businessman And Part Time Trader. Most Probably Learning How To Trade. While Surfing Through ForexFactory Threads I Found PVSRA Trading System By TAH, Fisher and many others Who Are Contributing Time To Time.
Hope I Will Learn More And More Here.
Thanks :)
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by laughingcoke »

Hi everyone. Great to be here. From Singapore, been following PVSRA since 2019.
Great site. Hope to learn more from everyone!
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by SikorFX2 »

Hi! My name is Patryk. I would like to learn how to trade forex. I saw this strategy in FF forum looks very logical and I like it. Eager to learn and help learning other too.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by myfin02 »

Hello from Tábor in the Czech Republic.
I have been trading SonicR for over a year and I am starting with PVSRA. The system looks great. Thx
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by nathaliavs1 »

I'm Nathália, I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I am 25 years old. I've been in the market for about 1 year since then and I haven't gone from zero to zero because I don't know how to predict what the MMs will do. , but thanks to PVSRA I was able to change my mindset about how the market is reacting. So, thanks to the developers who had the humility to share with us, I hope to be accepted so that I can share my knowledge with the members and also learn from it.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by igivaka »

Hope you are all well.
I am from Serbia. Learning forex for about half a year. Saw this site, read basic introductory texts and sense great attitude and dedication of creators of PVSRA. With sound logic behind the system and honest intention to help others (my first impression about this site) while trying "to be detrimental to the "commercial interests" of the crooks running the currency market", I decided to be with you immediatelly (if you accept me). At mutual pleasure, I hope.
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by arifelipe »

Hi, my name is Ari Felipe, I'm from Brazil.
Precisely from Rio de Janeiro, I started trading on the Brazilian Stock Exchange "BM&F". At the end of the year I only had losses, the Ibovespa index dropped more than 3% a day! Tragedy. I will actively participate in the Forum. Thanks for the communication space :whistle: :D
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by LucianoRasteli »

Hello all I'm Luciano coming from Macedonia , been learning about trading forex around 3 years , only later this year started with live account, with mixed results.
I found PVSRA from Forex Factory and i love what i see , im passionate about learning and trading forex and will contribute after learning everything that needs to be learned from this amazing site that is for us traders , I will be soo happy if you would have me and help me to be better trader
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Re: Members Introducing Themselves

Post by unrendered »

Hi all,

I've been studying forex trading for the past year and have tried a small handful of trading methods/systems--always dedicating a few months to learning each one. Some seemed that they were on the right track, but all felt like they had a few gaps. This method appears to cover those gaps, so I'm looking forward to taking the deep dive into learning this system.

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